"The Fringe Church exists to live out the way of Jesus. To love, empower and build kinship with those on the fringe of our society wherever
we find them, announcing the arrival of his kingdom and working for measurable change among the oppressed."

In the story of the Prodigal Son, the lost son was in the midst of his rebellion, eating with the pigs and living  far beneath his worth, sonship
and inheritance. But daily his father stood watching over the horizon waiting for his son's return. This is the heart of the Fringe Church and 
the God of the Scriptures towards humanity. Our Father waits patiently looking over the horizon of our world for His sons and daughters
everywhere to return to themselves and to Him and to the truth that they have always been worthy of His love and His approval. 

This is the Fringe Church, "where our faith and the fringe collide."